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The Galápagos Islands, some of the of youngest islands around the world. Created 5 million years ago it was borned from the bottom of the Ocean.

In total there are 13 big islands, 6 medium islands and around 215 islets around the islands.

Galápagos is on the first book that we study in our school because it has lots of endemic species and this was the key that helps Charles Darwin to create the Evolution Theory.

This Archipielago was the habitat of the last extinct Giant Tortoise the Lonesome George from Pinta Island

The Galápagos was named as “National Park” in 1959, protecting the 97.5 percent of the Archipielago’s Land. The other percent it was for the people that were living there.

They are knowed by the people as the “Enchanted Islands”. Galápagos won this denomination in the XVI century because of its Biodeversity on the flora and Wildlife.

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