Diving Tours

North Seymour

Location: North of Santa Cruz Island, 2 dive sites located 30 minutes from the Itabaca Canal (north side of Santa Cruz Island).

Site conditions: Considered for all levels of divers, you can swim along the stream, an easy dive, although sometimes there may be strong currents. It is an ideal place to begin your dive plan in the Marine Reserve, It is a reef platform with a diversity of species.

Activity: Cleaning station, sea lions and many types of sharks, including Galapagos, white tip sharks, black tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, rays mobulas, turtles, reef fish, eagle rays, Galápagos eels, barracudas, variety Of invertebrates.

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Location: North of Santa Cruz Island between Seymour Island and Baltra Island, this low rocky islet holds sandy beaches where sea lions rests. This unique dive site is 30 minutes from the Itabaca Channel (north side of the island of Santa Cruz).

 Usually there aren’t strong currents at this site, its a sandy bottom between 15 and 18 meters with garden eels and pelagic species. There is also a wall that starts at 18 meters where we can find black coral and a variety of invertebrates.

Activity: hammerhead sharks, blacktip shark, whitetip shark, sea lions, turtles, barracudas, reef. Fish, rays, eagle rays, mobula rays, Galapagos eel, variety of invertebrates.



Location: Near the north coast of Santa Cruz Island, a large exposed flat rock. It is an eroded cone. Located 30 minutes from the Itabaca Canal (north side of the Island of Santa Cruz).

Site conditions: Currents are moderate at this site, the main dive site is along the sloping wall, rocky and sandy bottom, about 90 feet deep, recommended for intermediate to expert divers.

Activity: Here we find a small cave (this is not a cave dive) where white-tipped sharks rest, in addition there is a pinnacle where we find a variety of rays, Galapagos sharks, turtles, reef fish, barracudas, Variety of invertebrates .


Gordon Rock's

Location: It is an eroded crater on top of a tuff cone. Located on the east of Santa Cruz approximately 50 minutes from the Itabaca Channel. It is considered a minimum experience of 20 dives to participate in this Diving Tour or prior evaluation in another dive site with our dive center, it is considered the best site among the central islands because of the greater likelihood to see hammerhead sharks.

Site conditions: This rock formation is a world-renowned site, for intermediate and advanced divers due to strong currents and waves.

Activity: Hammerhead shark schools, cleaning station, Galápagos sharks, whitetip shark, blacktip shark, mobula rays, turtles, reef fish, rays, eagle rays, Galapagos eel, barracudas, invertebrate variety.




Location: On the eastern side of the island of Santiago, a small island where we can see the famous pinnacle of Bartolomé, located 90 minutes from the Itabaca Channel (north side of the island of Santa Cruz).

Site conditions: moderate current, it is a platform about 10 meters (33 feet) deep with enough variety of reef fish. We also find the edge of this platform an underwater canyon 15 meters (50 feet) deep with random pelagic species.

Activity: White-tipped shark, reef fish, barracudas, turtles, rays mobula, rays, sea horses and a variety of invertebrates and mollusks.




Location: Floreana is located on the south of Santa Cruz Island, about an hour sailing from Puerto Ayora, it has a rich and colorful history that includes whalers, convicts, pirates and settlers, is one of the oldest volcanic islands and was the first island in Being inhabited, it’s a submerged volcanic cone, has an irregular profile walls eroded craters,

Floreana presents excellent dive sites like: (Punta Cormoran, Enderby and Champiom)

Site conditions: This site is considered for all levels of divers, easy dive, just divers should be alert to the changing currents. Some places are reef dives where corals can be found, most of the interesting activity takes place in the shallow waters where the current hits the reefs.

 Activity: Cleaning station, sea lions, Galapagos sharks, whitetip shark, green turtles, golden stripes, eagle rays, barracudas, variety of invertebrates.